v3rc0 on eclipse!

v3rc0 on eclipse!
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I want to build v3rc0 android project on eclipse but its dont work. I think my eclipse dont run build_native.py but it run 2.2.2 build_native.sh. Im on ubuntu.
how can I make eclipse run python script?


Install Python 2.7 :;ok


I already have python 2.7




Eclipse c++ supporting is removed. Because when you open Eclipse, it will run script automatically. It is so boring, especially when you have more than one project.


It would be possible for the cocos console to print debug messages on the console with the run / deploy commands?


What did you mean?


On android, the cocos console run command compiles the project and installs the app on a device.

It would be great if in addition to that the run command could start the app and print the debug messages on the console.

With that, at least for me there’s no reason to use eclipse anymore.


ok thank’s.
so, eclipse in v3.0rc0 is used just for write code? And for build… we must use consile?


I don’t understand what is the benefit installing an .apk from console rather than from eclipse?
For me the console is more boring.

Is there any tutorial(cocos2dx, version 3rc) for eclipse on how to install an .apk onto a mobile.

Should we forget eclipse with cocos2dx V3 and do the coding with VisualStudio2013 or buy a MacBook?

I tried to run HelloCpp with eclispe, but had no luck:

on ubuntu.13.10
cocos(new/run) shell-script works well

on windows 8 with VisualStudio2013
cocos2d-x-3.0rc0\build\cocos2d-win32.vc2012.sln works well (just open and run)


yes console is more boring…


No. You can use Eclipse to generate APK. We will write a document for it.


where do you write your code?


Actually i’m not writing much code :stuck_out_tongue:

I think cocos2d-x 3.0 setup on windows is intended to be used with Visual Studio 2012 for developing and cocos console for testing.
That is why I said that cocos console run command should print debug messages on the console.

It would be cool if it was easier to setup eclipse or qt creator, but well, the debug messages on the console are much more important (at least for me :wink: )



Hi, I have written a tutorials about how to build the Android project with Eclipse.




Please check the link I post up:)

I hope it can solve your problem.




The eclipse setup of the tutorial allows debugging with breakpoints?



Sorry, I don’t know how to setup breakpoints with Eclipse.


Did you want to debug c++ codes?
Now we haven’t find a good way to do it in Eclipse.
If you use windows, you can try TADP.


thank’s, I folowed your tutorial but it dont work.
1- I cant write cpp code (in appdelegate.cpp …) because I cant open Classes forder in the eclipse project.
2- the build install an apk, but it make error(no error if I build/deploy with console).

Im on ubuntu.

do you have an alternative to eclipse? even if it must be encoded on one IDE and build / run on console. it just requires that there cpp/cocos2Dx error correction …