v1.0 or v2.0

v1.0 or v2.0
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Hello all,

I’ve been developing games on cocos2d objective C for 3 years now, and I’m about to use cocos2d-x for a small jigsaw puzzle engine that must run on iOS and Android (perfect project to start with cocos2d-x). I want the engine to be compatible with older devices (opengl 1.1) so I guess I must use cocos2d-x v1.0, unless cocos2d-x v2.0 is also compatible with opengl 1.1?

Would like to understand if cocos2d-x v1.0 is still actively updated or if most of the resources are now on cocos2d-x v2.0.

On a side note, I’m a bit confused by the forums on cocos2d-x, almost messages are posted on the same forum “C++ Framework”, about 10000 messages and hardly 100 messages on other forums. I think for more clarity, we need sub forums (v1.0, v2.0 and all platforms should have their dedicated forums IMO).

  1. v2.0 is no compatible with OpenGL ES 1.1. It only use OpenGL ES 2.0
  2. Our focus is mostly on v2.0 development.
  3. Since the supported platform list is rapidly increasing, I just merged 7 subforums’ threads into this one. We should sort subforum by programming language instead of platforms.


Thx for the quick reply. The v1.0 is already in a stable state I guess, does it mean that you will only fix bugs on v1.0 but not support new platforms?


Yeah. But also the bug fixes progress is slower than 2.0.
Is there any reason why you only focus on gles1.1?


I think there are still millions of devices in opengl1.1 (iPhone 3G), we don’t want to miss them.
The app I’m building is not a hardcore game (actually the code created with cocos2d-x will be a small part of a classic application build with the UIKit framework / Android SDK), and many users could still have an opengl1.1 device.

[edit] by he way I didn’t see any tutorial about integrating cocos2d-x into UIKit, I figured it out myself, I might write one if this can help.


v2.0 is no compatible with OpenGL ES 1.1. It only use OpenGL ES 2.0

I think there are still millions of devices in opengl1.1 (iPhone 3G), we don’t want to miss them.

Yes, it’s VERY VERY essential for the iOS development at the moment. Actually, it was great surprise for me, when I’ve switched to the new cocos2d-x 2.0 and in the end of this process found, that old generation devices, which has iOS 4 installed, can’t run cocos2d-x 2.0, because OpenGL ES 2.0 is missed.

I think, that you need to note somewhere on the main page, that backward compatibly is broken in v 2.0 for devices without OpenGL ES 2.0


This is an interesting reading http://www.learn-cocos2d.com/2012/03/ios-sales-statistics-q1-2012-split-by-model-opengl-es-2-0-support/

With iOS, more than 80% of the devices are supporting opengl 2. This is a lot, and I think that opengl2 will be a good choice for future projects.


Hey, thank you for the link to the good article!
I think, that for the cocos2d developers with some experience it’s more obviously that cocos2d-x 2.0 is not support opengl 1, but for other it’s confusing.
I agree, that 80% is big enough … but I also heard that some users often asks for the version which is runnable on their old devices …


2.0 is good but there is still many devices use 1.x
and 0.13.0 beta still buggy and not stable for development.


If you want to develop new game, you may want to use 2.0

old generation iphone users dont usually purchase games, since most likely they get their iphones from second hand market.

The real paying users are usually the ones with later generation iPhones, additionally, the old generation iPhones have little memory to play with, therefore, you should ignore them