Using Visual C++ Express


Visual C*+ Express is a lot easier to download vs. Visual Studio 2008 Professional. 80MB vs 3 GB. I think a lot of us would like to be able to use the Wizard inside Visual C*+ Express which is part of Visual Studio Express. I have compiled and run Hello World and tests using Visual C*+ express, but the wizard did not install correctly. Could someone provide steps to install the template in Visual Studio C*+ express? I think supporting this environment is important.


I create a issue here #300 emm, a really good number, 300.
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I downloaded the VS2008 AND 2010 C++ Express, I have compiled and run Hello World, but the install-template-msvc.bat doesn’t install the templates

can anyone help me?


I remember that install-template-msvc.bat only works for VS professional version.


there is any other way to develop with the express version?