Using Sublime Text 2 as default Cocos2D-X IDE on all platforms

Using Sublime Text 2 as default Cocos2D-X IDE on all platforms
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Hi, I just want to suggest the c2dx team to use this IDE as the default one on all platforms(or at least linux), it is available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux:

Here’s a list of reasons:
* It’s a very nice editor
* It’s perfect for deploying to android! You can use the same build system for all platforms.
* It would fix all the problems with eclipse on linux! (It’s better then vi/Emacs you originally suggested but even has a vintage mode to be like vi haha)
* It’s similar to Xcode(oops I meant TextMate, but it’s similar to XCode too a little) on OS X, it’s got the xcode and much more color schemes available! So OS X users will feel familiar.
* It’s a lot like TextMate, but better, and you can evaluate it for free for ever!
* Migrating to it will fix all the Linux path/linking problems.
* And migrating is really easy.
* And someone I know has been using it for a long time and has been very productive with it! <— But he started with it right away, didn’t migrate from any other IDE


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I am just starting with Cocos2D-x and I was planing on using sublime text 2 for it.
Can you tell me your setup? Do you have a working buildsystem?Are you using alot of snippets for the Cocos2d-x API methods?

At the moment I don’t know exactly where to start to get a good setup with sublime text working so any help is much appreciated.




Is there a reason you chose to use Sublime as your IDE/Text Editor over the Cocos Code IDE?