Using JS Binding manual on Android crashes

Using JS Binding manual on Android crashes
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HI, I’m desperate with a project I’m working on, I am using JS bindings to call some C++ functions, I followed exactly as the tutorial here:

The “Manually JavaScript Binding” part, works on iOS, although it seems to crash randomly from time to time. But in Android it’s a crash every time. It’s the same issue this other user is having:

I really don’t know what else to do, and why call C++ or native is so complex from the JS Bindings. Any help appreciate.

Willing to pay for a Android sample that works calling some C++ functions from the JS code.


I haven’t bound successfully yet for now, kinds of issues, desperate too and it seems that the forum is very cold!


Forgot to say I am using v2.2.1 on this project, it’s all done in javascript, but had to save some files locally and also open and URL, two functions I found impossible to do from javascript, but easy to do from C++. Really desperate, so any help appreciate, to be honest I am regretting using javascript bindings, had so much problems from the begining.