Using CCBMemberVariableAssigner to bind CCLabelTTF,but it's error 0x00000005


Under Win32:
I use “CCBMemberVariableAssigner” to bind a CCLabelTTF*, My “onAssignCCBMemberVariable”

bool DDYClock::onAssignCCBMemberVariable(cocos2d::CCObject* pTarget, const char* pMemberVariableName, cocos2d::CCNode* pNode)
CCB_MEMBERVARIABLEASSIGNER_GLUE(this, “*titleLabel", CCLabelTTF*, this->*titleLabel);
return false;
However,it will error 0x00000005 at
void CCObject::release(void)
CCAssert(m_uReference > 0,”reference count should greater than 0“);
if (m_uReference == 0)
delete this;
I’m sure that I register right class to the node of”.ccbi" file.
Error 0x00000005 due to the pointer is NULL,right?

I don’t know how to solve this problem,or the reason of the error.
any suggestion? Thank you very much.