User opt-in mobile app advertising

User opt-in mobile app advertising
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I was going to avoid in-app adverts since I believe they make the appearance ugly. However I realised it might still work if it was a user opt-in option.

So for example in my game I have an in-app purchase for infinite lives - without this the user has to wait a few hours for lives to regenerate if they’ve used them all up. I could offer an alternative where the user can watch or click on an ad to regenerate the lives instantly (so still not infinite lives, but a temporary quick fix for the user). It seems to me that this way is nice and unobtrusive since it’s the user’s choice whether they see the ad, plus it’s still a ‘free’ option for the user.

However it only works if I get paid when the user chooses to see the ad. AdMob looks like it just shows an ad and you only get paid if they click on it. Are there any mobile ad integrations that will work on a pay per view model? It would need to be for as many platforms as possible as well (the whole reason I’m using cocos2d-x). I’m also wondering whether it would break any TOS and end up with market rejections from Apple or Google Play etc…

Anyone know of a suitable ad network that can do this?