Urgent:No click event after setting rotation to MenuItem

Urgent:No click event after setting rotation to MenuItem
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I am trying to create a CCMenu which keeps object of CCMenuItemImage. With some checked I need to rotate CCMenu, but after setting rotation I am getting event on “selector” provided with CCMenuItemImage.

I have downloaded Cocos2D android at the end of Jan 2011.
Following are the details of the code I have downloaded:

  1. cocos2d-android : 0.82
  2. android:versionCode=“5”
  3. android:versionName=“1.0.3”
    Here is the sample of code which I am trying to implement:*

CCMenuItemImage arrow = CCMenuItemImage.item(
“arrow.png”, “arrow_t.png”, this, “buttonHandler”);

arrow.setPosition(CGPoint.ccp(0, 0));

CCMenu tmpMenu = CCMenu.menu(arrow);
tmpMenu.setAnchorPoint(CGPoint.ccp(0, 0));

if (/*Some condition*/) {
tmpMenu.setRotation(/*With some value lets say 90*/);
tmpMenu.setPosition(/* Some CGPoint value **/);
**Result:* When ever I set Rotation, I am not getting event on my “buttonHandler” method, but if I removed setRotation statement then I am getting event on “buttonHandler”.

Please let me know how could I achieve this. Is there a different way to do that or it is a API level issue?
I would also like to mention some API level issue for cocos2D-Android later on.

Please provide me solution for this.

Thank you,


I’m sorry that we cannot do anything about it.
Because our cocos2d engine is implemented by C++,but your code is writed by java.

I think you should contact with the correct engine author.