[Upcoming game] Fleets of Heroes

[Upcoming game] Fleets of Heroes


Fleets of Heroes has been in development for quite some time now, around 2 years, and we are slowly getting out of the development phase and onto launch strategy. Here is our first official trailer, let us know what you think! If you would like a beta copy let me know, or sign up at www.innerherostudios.com. Thanks to the amazing cocos2d-x platform and community, the game is set to launch for iOS and Android at the end of August, next month!


Looks pretty cool!


Thanks vkreal2.

We have recently added background customization where you can relocate you base to your favorite space scene! Each background will have custom parallax and space effects. Here are a few shots from some of our scenes where you can build your space base.


It seems very coooool!
I’m waiting for release!!


Very cool ! Cant wait to play it


Looks interesting. Congrats on making it so far.


Thanks everyone! It has been a long journey for sure…
We just added one new layer of customization where the player can customize their energy grid to match their chosen background:

Beta invites go out soon!


I just want to announce that Fleets of Heroes Beta is officially live on iOS and Android.
If anyone is interested in seeing what we have been working on for the last what seems like forever, send me a message with your email and iOS or Android device information.

On the last leg of development to pushing out a global release!
We will keep you posted…


Congrats! Keep pushing on…


Looks great, seems amazing work so far good luck on rest of ofdevelopment
Peace! :v:


Hi All!

We would like to announce Fleets of Heroes is available for preorder on the Appstore with a December 20 release!
Thanks to the community for answering our development questions and helping our struggles.
We did it! To everyone developing your games - don’t give up, keep pushing! You will finish!

To android users: the Android app is following shortly.

Final Appstore Trailer: (volume up!)

Appstore link:

We also opened a final beta environment which is public on Testflight. You just need Testflight and to click the link below.
Public beta download link:

Thanks for your time!


Wow looks awesome.


Thanks! Means a lot.


Yw. I think I could totally play this game and enjoy it. I’ll try TestFlight build.


Our main hope is that people enjoy to play the game as much as we did during the creation process.


Hey all,

Would just like to follow up…


It is free! Please let us know your honest feedback. If you have any technical questions as far as how cocos2d-x classes were used in the game, please PM me!



wow, I was only 7/8 when it was announced back in 2012


Congrats! I’m going to download.


Haha yes, it seems like forever. We had to eventually cut a lot of features out (severe scope creep) just so we could actually launch V1. We got into an endless cycle of refining and adding, until I decided to take an executive call to code freeze, and push for the Dec 20 release. We moved a lot of ideas to the updates roadmap, so there is still A LOT of potential and features we have planned out.


Hope you enjoy it!