Unusual texture replaced


This happes, please see the image below.
“Loading …” is CCLabelTTF, and before the scene transitions into another, the texture got replacing by texture which is loaded in the target scene. Note that the texture that replaced it is the last texture from .plist that I loaded in another scene.

It didn’t happen for other scenes but this one. I checked that I properly unload sprite frames and purgeCachedData, nothing miss.
I faced with this problem once when using cocos2d-html5 but that case turns out that I load multiple .plist file with has the same name of sprite frame. Anyway this case, there’s no same name of sprite frame.

Note: I’m using v2.0.3.

textureReplaced.PNG (51.7 KB)


I test profiling it, and there’s no leaks or memory warning.