unresolved external symbol liblua.lua

unresolved external symbol liblua.lua
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I just downloaded cocos2d-x for the first time, and I got a bunch of trouble to run the samples.
I removed from the compilation some of the non-compiling projects (cocosDragon, CrystalCraze, etc) and I managed to run HelloCpp, but I want to run some lua so I’d like to make HelloLUA work too, but I get a bunch of error from it, basically all “LNK2001: unresolved external symbol” in liblua.lib http://pastebin.com/4XZ8juXb.
It is cocos2d-x-2.1.5 on a standard window 7. Am I missing something ?


Can you tell me what external symbols unresolved?When you compile,are you choose release or debug?


Thanks for your time,

the whole log is on the pastebin link if you want, the first unresolved symbol being “public: void __thiscall cocos2d::extension::CCEditBox::touchDownAction”, for example.

I’m compiling on release, with visual studio 10.0 btw.


I find the HelloLua project links miss the libExtensions.lib.Thank you for your question in release.


adding libExtensions.lib solved indeed the problem, thanks.
But I can’t understand how is it possible for me to be the first to notice^^


Because the LuaCocos2d.cpp file which the tolua++ generated used the extensions class ,so it needs to add libExtensions.lib