uncomment view->create(480, 320), the FPS drops.

uncomment view->create(480, 320), the FPS drops.
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Hi everyone,
I got a problem when I uncomment the line in main.cpp
view->create(480, 320), the FPS drops to 40~50,
and if I comment this line, the FPS becomes about 59~60. (The scene/layer just only contains 3 sprites on it.)

I test it using my acer liquid, it’s resolution is 480x800…

anyone knows what’s going on?

I’m using cocos2d-x 0.99.5-x-0.8.5 with android-ndk-r5c.


For 2 reasons:
# Auto-scale feature may consume a little CPU & GPU resources in engine internal
# The key point is “pixels per second” limit of GPU.

There’re 3 key parameters of each GPU:
* triangles per second
* pixels per second
* shader instance per second

Let’s take HTC G7 as a sample. G6 uses Qualcomm QSD8250 chipset, integrated Adreno 200 GPU, whose parameter is: 22M triangles/sec, 1330M pixels/sec, 166M shader inst/sec.
When you uses 480x320 images on 800x480 screen without auto-scale feature, the GPU must render 480x320=153,600 pixels per frame. So if we don’t consider OpenGL ES calculations in GPU & CPU, it can renders 8658 frames/sec. While you enable the auto-scale of cocos2d-x, it must render 720x480=345,600 pixels. Adreno 200 can renders 3848 frames/sec, only 44% of the previous frame rate. This is the reason.


Hello Walzer Wang

When I use the “view->create(,)” in main.cpp
In game,When I new some large pixel picture , the game will be delay 2~4 sec
I use the “ASUS Eee Pad” to test
what can I do for this?