unable to run cocos2dX andoid projects in eclipse

unable to run cocos2dX andoid projects in eclipse
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hi ,
i am doing set up cocos2dX for android in windows.
what i have done:
1.Download android Sdk (my Sdk location is “C:~~sdk").
2.Download android NDk .
3.cocos2dX location is .
4.cygwin location is
i have created two environment variable
~~ COCOS2DX_ROOT and Value = C:2d-1.0.1-x-0.12.0

  • NDK_ROOT and value = C:ndk-r6b-windows\android-ndk-r6b
    start cygwin.bat in c:cd $COCOS2DX_ROOT/HelloWorld/android
    at this location next command
    code compiles properly and than got messages for install of .so libs .
    than Run eclipse
    import projects
    > android project-> path to cocos2dX folder(where cocos2d Extracted)
    imported projects cocos2dxTest, helloworld
    when i am debugging in simulator got message”Get data from File (assets/closeSelected.png)Failed"(as in Attached image)
    i checked my assets folder in HelloWorld it was empty.
    how can i able to run this,
    My question is :
    1.is i am missing something,
    2.is i need to copy resources manually in assets folder
    3.is every time i changed code do i need to compile through build_native.sh

Help plz…

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No one Replied…:frowning: where are you experts…


Actually Resources are automatically copied for hello World project. You need to copy manually if there aren’t resources. You have to run ./build_native.sh each and every time.