unable to create classname.o file in android


i created one library called “NetworkChecking” simillar to “CocosDenshion”
in this library i added classes “NetworkJNI.h” & “NetworkJNI.cpp”

when i compile the project “NetworkJNI.o” file is not get created at proj.android\obj\local\armeabi\objs\network_static butNetworkJNI.o.d+ is getting created

this is .mk files

My Anroid.mk :

LOCAL_PATH := $(call my-dir)
include $(CLEAR_VARS)
LOCAL_MODULE := network_static
LOCAL_SRC_FILES := Network.cpp > jni/NetworkJni.cpp
LOCAL_C_INCLUDES := $(LOCAL_PATH)/…/include > $(LOCAL_PATH)/…/…/cocos2dx > $(LOCAL_PATH)/…/…/cocos2dx/include > $(LOCAL_PATH)/…/…/cocos2dx/kazmath/include > $(LOCAL_PATH)/…/…/cocos2dx/platform/android
LOCAL_CFLAGS = Wno-psabi
include $
i added like this

LOCAL_WHOLE_STATIC_LIBRARIES := cocos2dx_static cocosdenshion_static inapp_static network_static cocos_extension_static
$(call import-add-path,$(NDK_MODULE_PATH))
$(call import-add-path,$(LOCAL_PATH)/…/…/…/…)
$(call import-module,CocosDenshion/android) > $(call import-module,cocos2dx) > $(call import-module,InApp/android) > $(call import-module,NetworkChecking/android) > $(call import-module,extensions)

is there any thing else i need to do for creating NetworkJNI.o file

can any one help to fix this issue.


can anyone suggest me.


Do you see the compiler trying to compile your cpp files? .o contain object code generated by the compiler, so either the project is never compiled or you have an error in your source files, so the code cannot be compiled.


thank u Andre Rudlaff for reply
if the file is not compling or errors in file,it should not generate “NetworkJNI.o.d” file right.?
it is crating .o.d file