[TUTORIAL] Implementing in-app purchases on iOS games based on Cocos2d-X - Part 1

[TUTORIAL] Implementing in-app purchases on iOS games based on Cocos2d-X - Part 1
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How to implement in-app purchases on iOS. Also published on the wiki.


Nice. I see that you have source code syntax highlight in older blogs. It would be better if the IAP series and highlight the syntax :slight_smile:


We have recently shared an open source library for in-app purchasing with iOS. We are going to release a plugin for cocos2d-x soon. More information on http://project.soom.la.


Hi Jesus Bosch thanks for the blogpost. But I am facing some issues like where is the interface & implimentation for “IAPHelperFight_objc.h”? And the implimentation of buyProductIdentifier seems to be incomplete in IAPHelper_objc.m. in part 2


Hi Siddhart,

I would recommend you to use Soom.la. We have tested the latest version and seems to work fine with cocos2d-x 2.2.x, so there is no need to reinvent the wheel.

ask the soomla guys if you have more questions.


i am new to in app purchases and soomla is just not very intuitive …. i had to work 4 hours just to stop having errors …. i am using both cocos2d-x and ios in my project to stop making it give errors … i just wish it was a bit more user friendly…


we’re on the same page, Im having red marks here and there :3


Are you using 2.2.x or 3.0. I got it to work on both ios and android. It is def not as stright forward. Maybe the documentation has changed now. but still it is quite a work.


through help of friends and exisiting samples on iOS, we managed to make use of bridging and Storekit :smile:, doin it the native way baby :smile:


Ya on ios if u know obj C there are lot of tutorials :")