Tutorial Cocos2D with C++ for PC ?

Tutorial Cocos2D with C++ for PC ?
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I am looking for how to for beginners using C++ and Visual Studio. I want create games for PC and not mobiles.

Anybody there knows where I can found, if possible with a simples game created ?

thanks a lot !


if you don’t know any programming at all then i recommend you start with some basic tutorials for c**, if you know some other languages, then you should learn alot from the examples of cocos2dx, developing for windows is mainly for development in cocos2dx but you can easily compile and run games on windows, the main difference would be that your assets like sprites and music will be in the original format and anybody playing your game can take/copy/use your assets. the only thing that you would likely need when developing for windows that cocos2dx doesn’t have is keyboard input and you can solve that easily with getAsyncKeyState function from windows.h i believe. so in conclusion : if you know programming started messing around with cocos2dx examples, if you don’t read up on c** http://www.cplusplus.com/doc/tutorial/ and then start messing with the examples.


Yep, I am C*+ developer, I’ve long experience with C*+ and now I want begin develop games. Where’s tutorial of Cocos2Dx with C++ ??? I’m looking for but still haven’t found. Please, show me the link for the how to.



also the tests project in cocos2dx


all right, thanks.

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