tutorial 7: expected class name before }

tutorial 7: expected class name before }
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I am a bit at a loss: i copied the code from tutorial 7 and get the compiler error message expected class name before }
?where did I do wrong?

code in file InitOpening.h:
#include “cocos2d.h”
class InitOpeningLayer : public cocos2d::CCColorLayer
{ ///*****here error ?
//GameOverLayer():_label(NULL) {};
virtual ~InitOpeningLayer();
bool init();
void InitOpeningDone();
it a mere copy past with renaming to try to do inter scene transition between InitOpening scene and Helloworld so I though nothing complex???
thanks for anyhelp


tutorial has typo : its CCLayerColor instead… something to correct :slight_smile:


hello, the tutorials are based on version 0.8.5, and in the latest version, CCColorLayer has been replaced.

as declared in the header file, CCColorLayer has been removed from the latest version:
/*** CCColorLayer
It is the same as CCLayerColor.
@deprecated Use CCLayerColor instead. This class will be removed in v1.0.1
class CC_DLL CCColorLayer : public CCLayerColor


@RongHong, when you’re free, could you update Cocos2dxSimpleGame to the last version? Some people asks for this recently.


ok,i will update it next week.