TTF fonts looks blurred in iPhone 3GS


Hi folks,

I am using cocos2d-x 0.13.0-beta for developing cross-platform game for both ios and android. I used CCLabelTTF fonts but i see that fonts are blurred in iPhone 3gs otherwise no issues in android devices and iPod touch

Here is the code which i used :-

CCLabelTTF* lblItem = CCLabelTTF::labelWithString(“Rank”, “TrebuchetMS-Bold”, 19);
lblItem~~>setColor( ccc3(247, 197, 62));
bgLayer~~>addChild(lblItem, 1);

Has i done something wrong here or is there a bug in cocos2d-x ? How to fix it ?



Android may not have the font “TrebuchetMS-Bold”.
Then it will use default font, then the font size 19 should not be the same as “TrebuchetMS-Bold”.


Sorry Minggo, Fonts looked blurred in iPhone 3GS only . fonts in Android looking nice. I have included TTF fonts in resource folder


Does iOS contain this font “TrebuchetMS-Bold”?


I have same problem, and i checked that ios have this font, Please provide a solution.



Any Luck? I have the problem on an iPad 3. The font is clear at some places and blurry at some places.