Tsconfig.json is not respected

Tsconfig.json is not respected

Hello. There is a problem with TypeScript projects as tsconfig seems to not be fully respected.
Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create project from hello world typescript template
  2. Modify tsconfig.json by adding “es2015” to “lib” and setting “downlevelIteration” to true
  3. Add following code in your Helloworld.start():
    const x = new Set([1, 2]);
    for (const n of x) cc.log(n);
  4. Launch a preview and see just “start” in console output
  5. Open temp/quick-scripts/assets/Script/Helloworld.js and see that generated for loop is incorrect: it uses counter and by-index access instead of an iterator.
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I would to alter tsconfig.json as well as typescript version.