Trouble with cocos2d-x-3.0rc1 Android app

Trouble with cocos2d-x-3.0rc1 Android app
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What’s the issue?
The Android app immediately stops when run on my Nexus 5 w/ Android 4.4. I’m running the app using the command “cocos run -s /path/to/MyGame -p android”.

What’s the engine version?
I’m using cocos2d-x-3.0rc1 on OS X 10.8 w/ the latest Android SDK and latest Android NDK.

How to reproduce it?
Just run “cocos run -s /path/to/MyGame -p android” and the app is loaded onto the device and then immediately stops.

I specified minSdkVersion=“18” in the AndroidManifest.xml. I tried running the app from Eclipse but it won’t build: “can’t resolve”.

I’m seeing the error “JNI ERROR (app bug): accessed stale local reference” via adb logcat when I run the app on the device.

I “fixed” this w/ the advice here:

I changed my AndroidManifext.xml to “”.