trouble in "Tutorials Chapter 2 - How to Add a sprite"


i have done the Chapter 1 and everything is ok.
But after step by step the Chapter 2,run the program,i see only the helloworld as same as the Chapter1,no nanji and no the white background.
I check several times can not find the wrong places,but i feel puzzle in some places.
In “Tutorials Chapter 2 - How to Add a sprite - 2. Add a sprite”,“Open HelloWorldScene.cpp, replace the init method with following”,

bool HelloWorld::init()
bool bRet = false;
// super init first

CC_BREAK_IF(! CCLayer::init());


Then look below,
“Well, we can build and run the code. Now the ninja is dressed in black, hidden in the black background with red eyes. For the gameplay, we had to change the background to white. It’s so easy, modify HelloWorld to inherit from CCLayerColor instead of CCLayer.”

“Then modity the very beginning of HelloWorld::init() from
if ( !CCLayer::init() )
return false;
if ( !CCLayerColor::initWithColor( ccc4(255,255,255,255) ) )
return false;

But, there is no “if ( !CCLayer::init() )”,there is only “CC_BREAK_IF(! CCLayer::init());” in the HelloWorld::init().
So is it a mistake in the Tutorials Chapter 2?
Then what my problem is?