Traffic Control game

Traffic Control game
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Thanks to all the support in the forum and on GitHub I have now have a Alpha version of my Traffic Control game completed.

See my blog entry or go straight to the game

It still needs a lot of work, including things like High Score but it is playable :wink:

I’m hoping to post the source code to GitHub over the weekend and I’ll update / improve in the next few weeks.


Roger Clark


Wow, it is a wonderful beginning!



I forgot to post. I added “Best” / high score a few days ago. Also fixed a few bugs and strategy problems.

I Probably need to rewrite the code so that it doesn’t use a separate later for the Start button and Instructions, as this is a bit wasteful.

Also, the crash sound still doesn’t play straight away, but I think this may not be a Cocos2D-HTML5 problem it may be something with the HTMLDoc / JavaScript “Audio” class. - I’m still investigating this.

Can animation is a bit jerky, but hopefully the scheduleupdate calls to update will be smoother in later versions of Cocos2d-HTML5

I’ll post the source when I’ve done the fixes.


Roger :wink:


wa, its very good. thanks Roger Clark.


I’ve now posted the source code on GitHub, see

Note. It uses the latest version of cocos2d-html5 from github, old versions won’t work because of changes to resource types for sound files.




I have opened an issue on github for you. Please take a look at it.:slight_smile: