Trackpad support under OSX

Trackpad support under OSX
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I was wondering if anyone has Trackpad multi touches working for more than one finger. I pulled the cocos2d-iphone sdk down and it works fine. It displays snow flakes for each finger “touching” my trackpad; no double-taps or anything (I call it soft-touching).

I turned on setEnableTouches(true) and I get touch events but for only one finger and ONLY if I am “pressing” the trackpad not “touching”. Just touching the trackpad doesn’t work. It must be a “click” like touch done either double-tapping or pushing on the lower left corner as you would a mouse.

Is there anything else I need to do to get multi-touches to work for “soft” touches? I suppose I could port the cocos2d-iphone stuff over if I need too.

Any clues would be appreciated.