Touch and Hold?

Touch and Hold?
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Is there a method to detect a touch and hold event? If not, I’ll post some code when I get something up and running.


Ok, found out how to implement it. Here is how to create a Cocos2d-x touches and hold compatible function:

1.) In the class where the touch and hold code needs to reside, add:
ccTime GlobalTimer;
virtual void TouchesHeldCallback(ccTime deltaTime);

2.) In the ccTouchesBegan function, add:
//reset the timer
GlobalTimer = 0;
//schedule the function that with scheduler
3.) In the ccTouchesEnd and ccTouchesMoved, add the following to cancel the timer:
//unschedule and remove the function from the scheduler

4.) Put your code in the TouchesHeldCallback(ccTime deltaTime) function:
void MyClass::TouchesHeldCallback(ccTime time){
//delta time is added to the global timer
//when the GlobalTimer is > then the specified time, execute the code
if(GlobalTimer > XSeconds){
//add code here if the user touches and holds for XSeconds


Oops, sorry, forgot one thing:

5.) put this->schedule(schedule_selector(AvailibleUnits::TouchesHeldCallback)); in the if(GlobalTimer > XSeconds){ } if then statement so it doesn’t run more than one time.