TMX problem on iOS?

TMX problem on iOS?
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Hi all,
I made a small test using a TMX tile map and it works fine in Chrome, but seems to not get loaded at all in Safari on iOS.
There seem to be no errors reported though.

Other normal layers load fine.

Memory problem? Or some sort of positioning issue.



Could you show us more details about the issue?

It displays nothing in Safari on iOS if the tile map exceeds the Safari memory size.

Could you please try your test by reducing the size of tile map and try to conclude the max memory size of iOS Safari?


Thanks. Found the problem.

Apparently iOS doesn’t seem to like base64/gzipped TMX files. Changed to CSV and it worked fine.
Also made a slightly smaller map size, as the larger versions seemed to have a very long parse time.


actually, it is caching time, our game engine renders the tmx and cache it as a new texture, so you don’t have to draw hundreds of tiles every frame

until webgl is supported and implemented, this is the only way to make feasible tilemap