TMX Loading, CCAssert on texture != NULL

TMX Loading, CCAssert on texture != NULL
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Hi all

I must say I’m enjoying Cocos2d-x thoroughly but I appear to have hit a stumbling point while following various examples of trying to load a TMX. I’ve come across an issue whereby Cocos2d-x seems to differ in behaviour from Cocos2d.

The problems start at around the following area:

bool CCTMXLayer::initWithTilesetInfo(CCTMXTilesetInfo *tilesetInfo, CCTMXLayerInfo *layerInfo, CCTMXMapInfo *mapInfo)

tilesetInfo is NULL which in turn leads CCTexture2D *texture to be null. This is the same behaviour for the usage in both Cocos2d-x and Cocos2d.

CCTexture2D *texture = NULL;
if( tilesetInfo )
    texture = CCTextureCache::sharedTextureCache()->addImage(tilesetInfo->m_sSourceImage.c_str());

if (CCSpriteBatchNode::initWithTexture(texture, (unsigned int)capacity)) // !!!

CCSpriteBatchNode::initWithTexture in turn calls CCTextureAtlas::initWithTexture as you can see below:

    bool CCSpriteBatchNode::initWithTexture(CCTexture2D *tex, unsigned int capacity)
        m_blendFunc.src = CC_BLEND_SRC;
        m_blendFunc.dst = CC_BLEND_DST;
        m_pobTextureAtlas = new CCTextureAtlas();
        m_pobTextureAtlas->initWithTexture(tex, capacity); // !!!



Object tex is NULL at this point in both versions of the framework. The difference is in the of the CCAssert in the Cocos2d-x version of CCTextureAtlas which basically halts all progress.

For example:


bool CCTextureAtlas::initWithTexture(CCTexture2D *texture, unsigned int capacity)
*   CCAssert(texture != NULL, "texture should not be null"); // !!!*
    m_uCapacity = capacity;
    m_uTotalQuads = 0;


-(id) initWithTexture:(CCTexture2D*)tex capacity:(NSUInteger)n
    if( (self=[super init]) ) {

        capacity_ = n;
        totalQuads_ = 0;

I’ve looked on the forums and online for information on this but I am unable to find anything. Is this a known problem?

I would really appreciate any help on the matter :slight_smile:



Think I see this when I have a layer that is empty, try deleting the empty layer or adding a tile to that layer.


Arrgh, that was the problem! thank you :slight_smile:


Yeah, would be good if that assert got changed to a warning. It gave me problems when I started with TMX maps too.


Yeah, would be good if that assert got changed to a warning. It gave me problems when I started with TMX maps too.


Definitely agreed that it needs to be a little more intuitive.

Thanks again btw!