TMX How to Acces polyline points

TMX How to Acces polyline points
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just looking for a example ho to load property the polyline made in the TMX file

      var layerObjetos  = this.tileMap.objectGroupNamed('objetos');
      var line          = layerObjetos.objectNamed('path1');

this code actualy loads perfect the object path1 that contains the polyle,
but how i can acces to all points.



Hi guys, just resolved this way

i added these lines to CCTMXXMLParser.js line 682 to parse those options too.
in case someone want this too.

    //check for polylines
    var poly = o.getElementsByTagName('polyline')[0];
    if(poly != null)
       dict["polyline"] = poly.getAttribute('points');
       dict["polyline"] = null;

this how looks now

height: 0
name: "path1"
polyline: "0,0 141,0 141,-79 343,-80"
type: ""
width: 0
x: 7
y: 172
__proto__: Object