Tizen support?

Tizen support?
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Hey, how long would it take to get tizen support? Considering there was already bada in v1?

Tizen supposedly supports Bada applications, but I couldn’t really get sdk 2.0 project of 1.0.1 to run, as I am not that familiar with eclipse.

I would like to note I have tested http://developer.bada.com/library/Migration-Tool-Installation-for-Converting-bada-Applications-to-Tizen-Applications

And unfortunately this tool does not seam to work or convert cocos2d-x v1.0.1 projects into Tizen.


There is not a plan for Tizen Now.
Our resource is limited, so should focus on more important things.


I have been implementing cocos2dx for Tizen.
see https://github.com/pyrasis/cocos2d-x/tree/tizen


Thank you very much! I also tried, but got stuck in the shaders … you saved me :slight_smile:

please add bild config for ‘Device’


Thank you very much!:smiley: