Thoughts on porting to the future?

Thoughts on porting to the future?
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For the past few years I have been patiently waiting for someone smarter than myself to put OpenGL in a browser. A few years ago I got my wish and WebGL was born. However it came with a the sacrifice of having the limitations of JavaScript. Thus it is hard to hide/protect your code, as well as runs much slower than native c/c**. I played with WebGL for a while, but decided that a better solution would come along eventually. Finally Google has granted that wish with the “Native Client SDK”, and the world has OpenGL ES support in browser executed in native c/c**. Any thoughts on getting cocos2d-x up and running on this platform?

For those who are interested, but have not been following its creation, check the link below.


Did you mean chrome?


It’s currently being introduced in the next version of chrome, but google has stated that they will be releasing it as a plugin for other browsers.


It sounds good. I think it is a good way to run cocos2d-x on browser, it is better than cocos2d-javascript.


I am looking forward to the browser version as well.
I think if you have time you could try to port it to browser by yourself.
I once manage to port it to linux, it is not very difficult, since the structure is suitable to port.
wish you success.