this._super( ) undefined after jscompile.

this._super( ) undefined after jscompile.
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Hey all,
Just trying to obfuscate and compile my js files. I’ve hit a snag where, when loaded, the jsb’s won’t understand any calls to this._super().

I hope that I don’t have to recode all my inheritance from class.extend to function class()…

Any ideas?


How did you obfuscate? which tool are you using


I used jsbcc. On loading the file, xcode churns out a utf-8 file error beforehand, if that helps.


Did you compile the common js scripts in scripting/javascript/bindings/js?
You could use multi sources by:
python jscompile -s xxx/cocos2d-x/scripting/javascript/bindings/js -s /Your game sources -d out-dir