The Tutorials just like shit

The Tutorials just like shit
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The Tutorials just like shit!


You disrespectful comments helped a lot to improve them. “Thank you!”

No one here is being paid to work for you.

Do you think the tutorials are not good enough? Do they have mistakes?

Help to improve them. Rewrite what is not good. Don’t you know how to do it?

Politely ask for help. Maybe someone could take some time.

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Firstly, thank you, Marcio Andrey Oliveira!

To kfdsjk fjdskfj:
the turorials is translated from Ray Wenderlich’s tutorials, and now bases on cocos2d-0.99.5-x-0.8.5(the latest vertion is 0.9.1).
what i care about is that why do you think they just like shit?
as Marcio Andrey Oliveira said, do they have mistakes? what bothered you when you use them?
you are welcom if you give out your problem and your advices.


Rude troll is rude.


kfdsjk fjdskfj wrote:

The Tutorials just like shit!

Some people are as useful as they are eloquent………
I say keep up the good work guys. Our company has already started its second game using Cocos2d-x as its base, having used ONLY the tutorials, and forums. :slight_smile: