The CACurrentMediaTime() function exists in Cocos2dx?

The CACurrentMediaTime() function exists in Cocos2dx?
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Hello everyone

I’ve seen some tutorials on Objective-C. They use CACurrentMediaTime function to build the examples.
I not find this function in Cocos2dx.

Anyone know another alternative for this function?

Thanks and regards



Here is the method to calculate the delta time between frames, hope it can inspire your.

void Director::calculateDeltaTime()
 struct timeval now;
   if (gettimeofday(&now, nullptr) != 0)
        CCLOG("error in gettimeofday");
        _deltaTime = 0;
    if (_nextDeltaTimeZero)
        _deltaTime = 0;
        _nextDeltaTimeZero = false;
        _deltaTime = (now.tv_sec - _lastUpdate->tv_sec) + (now.tv_usec - _lastUpdate->tv_usec) / 1000000.0f;
        _deltaTime = MAX(0, _deltaTime);
    *_lastUpdate = now;


Thanks for the tip.
I implemented your solution and going well :slight_smile:
I also found this function CCDirector::sharedDirector()->getDeltaTime().
Calculate the same value of your function :slight_smile:
Just one more question. This calculated value is the same as the function CACurrentMediaTime()?

Thank you very much.



Here is the description of CACurrentMediaTime:

Returns the current absolute time, in seconds.

CFTimeInterval CACurrentMediaTime (void);

As I know, the gettimeofday is a C function which returns the current system time in miniseconds.

I think they might be more or less the same. But I’m not sure.:slight_smile: