The Best Game - for iOS and Android

The Best Game - for iOS and Android
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Hi all,

We have just released a universal game on the AppStore called The Best Game.

The game is ridiculously simple but strangely fun/compelling to play. It is meant as a showcase of our propellerSDK. The propellerSDK is a match making social service that allows players to connect with one another via challenges and play tournaments where they can earn tuition grants and win donations for charities. It is free to developers and their users. You can find out more about the propellerSDK at our website ( as we are signing on select games now.

The game is written in cocos2d-iphone using cocosbuilder. The online SDK has been built with cocos2d-html5 and is delivered via an embedded webView (so we can update this on the fly with new features and tournament formats at any time). We have an android version coming up in a few weeks time, which has been written in cocos2d-x using cocosbuilder as well. We will be releasing the source code for both the cocos2d-iphone and cocos2d-x portions of the game on github in a short while. We learned a bit about the differences in building with cocosbuilder in the two versions of cocos2d with this project:P (and yes we are going to be using cocosbuilder on the online html5 version in its next release).

All code leverages the latest joint release SDKs and cocosbuilder made available at the beginning of this month.

Hope you get a chance to give it a try. If you have any questions about the tech or our sdk you can reply here or email directly at:



What a special name!


It’s a “special” game. Some have called it boring and pointless :slight_smile: , others have said it is the best drinking game they have ever played :slight_smile:

Playing and challenging other people is the way it is meant to be played.

We have now released the source code (yet another example of cocosbuilder and cocos2d-iphone but our own take on handling the multiple sizes of iPhone, Retina, and iPod). It also shows how to use our SDK.

An Android example in cocos2d-x (and how we use cocosbuilder for those multitude of screen sizes) is coming soon.