Thanks your 2.0.4 version , But my project already unrecognizable

Thanks your 2.0.4 version , But my project already unrecognizable
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I filled in hope upgrade my pro to cocos2d-x 2.0.4
when I press F5 , something terrible happened… I can not recognizable my project.

All of CCControlButtons NOT work, something changed on function : addTargetWithActionForControlEvent’s’
I do not know why you change function name so frequently.

My UI position all chaos…may be some write style is not adapt on version 2.0.4
some algorithms got wrong return
you know what , when the world without 2.0.4 , we try to do anything support mulit-Device(ipad ,iphone ,PC) ,and we did well.
when 2.0.4 appear , we saw lots of bugs fix on your github,we were be Tempted .
we really really want upgrade our project to your lastest version.
but the reality tell us , when our games project started , just forget cocos2d-x news. forget updates.

We really appreciated what cocos2d-x did for us , for game developer , for mobile game area.
But the most important things for users is the backward compatibility.

hope you more powerful and more compatibility.


I am sorry about it.
About CCControlButtons, it is ported from cocos2d-iphone extension. The iphone version changed, so we update it too to resolve some bugs.

We will keep compatibility as we can.
Thank you.