texture cache size has limited??

texture cache size has limited??
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i found that when texture cache exceed 200m or more the image show black or blank……so what the problem is that…. and take a look at http://stackoverflow.com/questions/9266952/how-to-determine-maximu-texture-memory-on-android-opengl-es


I have the same problem and I have not been able to solve

I tried to Purge Cache each runScene


but black images continue to appear

someone could help me

thanks, bye


You should remove all textures from CCTextureCache.


thanks for help.

that works

I would like to kindly ask you one last thing:

Exists the right place to reset CCTextureCache?

now I launch reset on layer::scene, but sometime the scene just opened contains black sprite. So I go back in the main page and re-enter in the game scene and the texture are ok.

The problem often happens after resuming, precisely the scene after the one that appears on restore, I noticed Director->purgeCache on the resuming.

So I would ask if there some guide lines for use in a reliable manner textureCache.

Or, how to disable cache? I tried to disable cache (CC_ENABLE_CACHE_TEXTURE_DATA = 0), but in this case, after resume all sprite are black, all screen is black.

thanks for help