Templates won't install into Xcode 4.2

Templates won't install into Xcode 4.2
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I tried to install templates but they don’t show up. It said “done!” in terminal but they are not visible for some reason.
How can I fix it?

UPD: it worked. Had to do it this way

cd cocos2d-xfolder
sudo install-templates-xcode.sh


do you have a previous template installed on your xcode?
you should delete it first then install the new one


I usually use ./install-templates-xcode.sh -u -f, then choose ‘4’ for xcode4
Perhaps I missed something when using @sudo install-templates-xcode.sh to install for all users.


how can I delete delete previous template? I have the same problem!


I copy cocos2d-1.01/xcode4/. to developer/Library/xcode/templates/project Templates/Base
then the xcode4 show the cocos2d-xTemplates, the method is Safe or not?