[Teaser] Upcoming action strategy game

[Teaser] Upcoming action strategy game
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we’ve just launched a teaser trailer for our upcoming action strategy game for mobile devices built with cocos2d-x.

You can check it you here: http://youtu.be/V6s0_OGAHnM or http://www.gelluloid.com



Looks really good! What version of cocos did you use btw?


Thanks, we are using 2.1.0 since December after updating from 0.11:)


And how did you port to wp8?


:slight_smile: the new version is not yet ported and wp8 is scheduled in about 2-3 months from now. hopefully the gles2 version will be ported by then. Other than that we don’t expect too many platform specific issues (fingers crossed :slight_smile: ) since we kept platform specific code to a minimum.


For a quick update…we’ve launched the official website here: http://www.gelluloid.com

You can get a better image of what’s to come:)


Wow looks great! Who did you guys use to make your trailer?