Tapit Mobile Advertising SDK to Mobile

Tapit Mobile Advertising SDK to Mobile
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Hello all,
I wanted to ask if someone can help me create a plugin for TapIt Mobile Advertising’s SDK to Integrate with Cocos2dx:. We want Cocos2dx users to be able to monetize using Tapit mobile network.
We have had strong demand for it, and tech resources are pretty backed up.
If anyone is willing to do it, I would be happy to give them up to $2,000 of marketing for his/her app in exchange Or $1000 Cash.
TapIt currently has about 10,000 sites and apps plugged into the platform, and would like to make our SDK easier to integrate for IOS/Android Developers using Cocos2dx.
Here is a link to our SDK: http://support.tapit.com/forums/20817488-integration-help
Thanks again -
Cheers - Si Bui Tapit.com Skype: si.tapit