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Hi guys,
we have created a converter that is able to convert any swf animation into a generic format that then can be easily played on Sparrow or any other framework.

Check out our demo video:

Short story:
We decided to port our very big FB game Pet City to mobile.
Our game has >300 very complex character animations we need full control of.
Also it has >1000 animated items (furniture, clothes).

We decided to go with Stage3D but after all it showed perfomance that was still not high enough.
Right now we develop the app using Obj C.

Most important is that we could not quit using Flash CS since its a super powerful 2D animation and graphics editor. The best ever.
All our processes are built based on utilizing Flash CS as a creation tool. It gives us speed, flexibility and outstanding abilites.

We had to build a converter that would allow us to develop animations in Flash CS and then play them on any other system, framework or device outside of flash player or any other Adobe framework that natively supported swf-s.
We had to learn how to convert fla/swf into some open generic format.

Guys, what do you think?


Today we converted our first 3rd party animation. It was rather simple yet it proves that our tool is indeed working.

Here is a live video:


here is another little demo we shot today:


Raymond developed a similar tool ( http://www.cocos2d-x.org/boards/6/topics/19621?r=19711 )
I want to know the difference between Raymond’s and your tool


Thanks for the link! The tool is pretty good.
But our converter is rather different.

First of all we are trying to provide a tool that is able to support all Flash features. Super Animation Converter does not support vector. This is unacceptable for us. Supporting vector allows to have 1 animations for all screen resolutions. Also we pack all sprites into 1 atlas, this is a much better solution oposite to a number of separate files.

Last is that we are trying to develop a converter that will allow to convert any animation you have with absolute minimum of rebuilding.
If I have hundres of already developed aniamtions I can not user Super Animation Converter but buy I can user our tool.


here comes one big fat update to our converter and the playback library!

We have done the first step on supporting Flash filters on animation objects. Blur filter implemented in our player (using OpenGL shader techniques) allows designers to easily apply specific effects that are necesary part of complex animations. Additionaly those effects can be dynamically changed, added or removed through animation.
In near future we plan to add support for more filters like glow and dropShadow.

Check out this video:


Hi Denis!

can I try your tool?


Hello guys,
some time has passes since last time I have showed up here. We are working non stop on the converter.
Here is our vision about the tool. No tech details yet I think you need to know how we plan to built it all up.

Also check out this cool video:

  1. Flash Pro. We want Flash Pro to be the best 2D animation tool and stay as the dominating standard in gaming industry for 2D frame animations.

  2. Cross Platform approach. Our tool will be truly cross platform. Instead of running on any kind of virtual environment it will have its own native animation player for each platform (not limited to mobile environments): mobile, web, pc, mac and even consoles and with high priobability even for each of popular gamedev framework.

  3. Gaming solution. We want to create a solely gaming solution at this stage. We are aimed to develop easy and functional solution devoted to using frame animation and all related best practices in wide range of 2D games. In future we may even provide ability to create other types of animations like skeletal animation for example.

  4. Eco-system and infrastructure around Flash Pro. In future our converter may evolve into a much bigger set of tools (and maybe online resources) that will allow artists, animators, managers and developers easily and effectively manage actual process of animation development.
    Also we see many different opportunities to create outstanding eco-system around “flash-Pro > converter> any platform” approach. Flash was always limited to be used with Flash Player, we want to destroy that limitation and build “big world” around Flash Pro animations and their cross platform playback.

  5. Easy to use. Starting from v. 1 our converter will be one-clik-to-install and easy to use tool that works perfectly and places no limitation on animators imagination or final implementation.

  6. Monetization. Application is not planned to have a functionally limited version. By default we will offer a free subscription with finite number of daily conversions targeted at indie developers and larger companies will be offered to purchase bigger packages as well as unlimited plans.


Every one is welcome to test our converter!
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