Supporting Win8 Mobile

Supporting Win8 Mobile
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Are you planning to support Win8 Mobile?


Win8 Moblile? wp7?


I think he meant the upcoming windows 8 for ARM.
However, if things don’t change, windows 8 for ARM won’t have OpenGL support thus having cocos2d-x on it is very unlikely.


Hi, Daniel Rakos, I have known that WP7 has XNA instead of OpenGLES, but not sure if windows8 do.
Are you very certain about this? A hyper link to the microsoft document about this case will be appreciated.
But we do have plan to port a XNA version of cocos2d-x.


It is not about Windows 8 in general, but only the ARM version. Microsoft decided so that the ARM version of windows 8 will have only a limited version of the windows API and as far is it looks right now the ARM version of Windows 8 will not have WGL and/or EGL so no OpenGL or OpenGL ES support will be available on it. Of course, the x86 version of windows 8 will have OpenGL support.
I’m pretty sure in the long run there will be some solution for this, but how it looks now there will be no GL support on win8 ARM.
More info: