Support new iPad now

Support new iPad now
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The latest codes on github support new iPad now.
You can enable retina on iPad simulator/device, engine will load xxx-ipadhd.png if it exits, it will load xxx-ipad.png if it is not there.

Example code


// if can enable retina, loading sequence: 2. xxx-ipad.png 3. xxx.png
// if can not enable retina, loading sequence: 1. xxx-ipad.png 2. xxx.png
CCSprite *pSprite = CCSprite::spriteWithFile(xxx.png);

Guys, please update codes and test the new feature.



The sequence when retina is enabled shouln´t be 2. xxx-ipad.png 3. xxx-hd.png 4. xxx.png ?

Check 1, 2 and 4 for iPad devices, 3 and 4 for iPhone and iPod?




I am sorry, I made a mistake.

enable retina

  1. xxx-ipadhd.png 2. xxx-ipd.png 3. xxx.png

not enable retina

  1. xxx-ipad.png 2. xxx.png

iPhone and iPod

enable retina

  1. xxx-hd.png 2. xxx.png

not enable retina



For iPad, in retina mode, isn´t this the correct search sequence?

  1. xxx-ipadhd.png 2. xxx-ipad.png 3. xxx-hd.png 4. xxx.png

If not found the iPad specific image, would be nice to try to load the HD before trying the regular one.




hd is used for iphone retina as previous version did.
iphone version find the file like this way, and x will keep the same meaning asiphone version.

May be your suggestion is correct.
We will discuss it if we will do it like this.

Thank you.


mark first


My experience:

We have two targets for each device - ipad and iphone. Each of it has own graphics non HD (without suffix) and HD (with hd suffix). But each device has different source graphics so I do not needipad or -ipadhd suffixes. The main problem is that TexturePacker does not support this so it is complications.

I overrided suffixiPad andsuffixiPadRetinaDisplay for now and the problem was solved.



This should also work with the CCSpriteFrameCache, CCSpriteBatchNode and other similar objects right?