Support for non-english characters

Support for non-english characters
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I’m considering implementing a custom leaderboard for the iOS version of my app. The game ‘Dots’ has a very nice example, but I noticed that there is currently a user on their leaderboard with non-english characters in their name, the characters look to me like they could be Arabic. I want to be sure that I will be able to display all possible characters, and definitely want to avoid any sort of scenario where the application might crash trying to display an unknown character. Are any of the cocos2d-x label types suitable for this (LabelTTF?)?

If not I always have the option to use UIKit to display the leaderboard. I haven’t looked into what sort of character support it has, but I assume it will have support for non-english characters.

Thanks in advance for any advice.


LabelTTF supports utf-8 characters. You can try TestCpp, there are examples for it in the test case named “LabelTest”.