Suggestion: Welcome thread

Suggestion: Welcome thread
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may I suggest a thread to help tie in the community together a bit?

Some answers:
Doxygen API Reference to ALL The functions available to you via Cocos2d-X

Some questions I have as a new guy:

Is there an IRC channel to hang out in, or some kind of similar public chat channel?
What hax did you do to pull my current avatar in? I think that’s from my flickr…hax
Twitter information, other stuff of that ilk.

Thanks, and hello Cocos2d-x


Found the answer to my third Question and edited it into my original post


Welcome to 2dx community!
# We have no IRC channel yet. Please ask questions in the forum, then others can search the answer from google or from website internal search in the future. In the other hand, IRC channel would meet the problem of time zone. Cocos2d-x core developers are in GMT+8 zone, we may miss your chat log and questions.
# Both & github sync your avatar from You can register tan email to (the same email addr to you registered in, them upload your avatar there.

As the matter of fact, the welcome page is at How about rename the sticky “FAQ” topic to the title “Welcome to cocos2d-x”, you opinion?