Sudden drop in number of daily installs in Google Play

Sudden drop in number of daily installs in Google Play


Hi all,

Anyone notice a sudden numbers of daily installs last few weeks? We notice huge dropped across all of our games in Google Play. It’s being discussed here

We don’t think it’s from any of our updates since we haven’t done any for couple of months.

Anyone have any ideas why? @slackmoehrle?



I don’t know but let’s see what we can find out!


Also being discussed here

Another one


Thanks. I was just reading the xda-developers post about the algorithm change.

It seems there are a few more posts:

and guidelines on improving the apps quality:

This week Google Play Store has decreased Download

Thanks for giving information, but any one know what the possiblity to resolve this issue? Because google not given proper answers about this issue.

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Hetal Shah9:37 AM
Hetal Shah9:39 AM
my app daily downlod around 1000 to 2000 . but 2 or 3 day only 100 to 200… 90% downlod low.
Hetal Shah9:39 AM
any chnafe
Hetal Shah9:40 AM
any change in seo?
Mia9:40 AM
May I please have the package name of the app you’re referring to?
Hetal Shah9:40 AM
Mia9:41 AM
Please hold.
Hetal Shah9:42 AM
Mia9:43 AM
From which page did you see the result?
Hetal Shah9:43 AM
Mia9:44 AM
Installs on Active Device?
Hetal Shah9:44 AM
installs by device
Mia9:44 AM
Android Version?
Hetal Shah9:44 AM
all Android Version
Mia9:45 AM
Last 30 days?
Hetal Shah9:45 AM
Mia9:46 AM
It looks that from 19 June, the graph is going down.
Hetal Shah9:46 AM
22,23,24 june
Hetal Shah9:48 AM
my daily download around 1500… but now only 100 download…
Mia9:48 AM
Yes, I can also see the there has been a drop in your install.
Mia9:49 AM
While we can look into if it is an issue of Play Console or not, it might be coming from various factors.
Mia9:49 AM
Is there any recent change made?
Hetal Shah9:49 AM
Hetal Shah9:50 AM
But i show This msd in my google play console
Hetal Shah9:50 AM
This MSG “Over the next several weeks, you may notice the following changes within your Play Console.”
Mia9:51 AM
Mia9:51 AM
We will investigate this install drop issue and get back to you via email.
Hetal Shah9:51 AM
My all app is low download…
Mia9:52 AM
We will get back to you ASAP
Hetal Shah9:52 AM
ok Thank You :slight_smile:
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Is there anything else I can help you with today?
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No Thank You
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On the discord, someone shared the answer they had from their Admob manager contacting the GP team :

As part of our continued effort to deliver the best possible Google Play experience, we regularly update the Play Store to help people find and discover safe, high quality, useful, and relevant apps and games. Over the last year, we’ve been enhancing our search and discovery algorithms to better reflect app quality. Recently, we increased its importance in our recommendations. This results in more high quality titles being surfaced in the Play Store, which has positively impacted the overall user experience and engagement, which in turn helps developers. We hear the concerns expressed by some developers about these changes, but we believe that focusing on users will encourage a healthier apps and games ecosystem, and create better opportunities for developers. Developers who focus on app quality can see improvements in their user ratings, and ultimately their retention and monetization. We encourage all developers to review some of the suggestions in this post and on to learn how to improve the overall quality of their apps and games. Regards, The Google Play Team


Play Store have made some changes in showing top/recommended apps, this will help to make your apps more visible if you haven’t done it (may take up to 1 week to get the effect) :

  • update your apps to support the latest android (currently 28), this bring the most influence in the recent change
  • more update = more visibility
  • keep an eye on crash rate & rating, fix bugs ASAP. Game quality have great effect
  • smaller app size have score too


cocos 2dx will really help this.


@sevent7 Thank you for the list!

Is this list from your experience or you got this great todo from a good source?


Are you sure about 28?
I see “Oreo 8.1.0 API level 27” here:


it is from good source. have you tried?


im not sure, but my SDK Manager said 28. It is available since july