Successfully Run Cocos Creator on Linux and released it as docker image

Successfully Run Cocos Creator on Linux and released it as docker image


For now, this will not change. The engineering team is really over-worked and the resources producing a Linux version are to much for them to handle. If this changes I will let everyone know.


@sercand Hello. Could you share Cocos Creator v1.9.2 if it possible?


Hi! has anyone tried to port cocos 2.x or provide a different tool to enable Linux builds?


If you let us know what is the electron used by CocosCreator 2.0.x and 2.1.x it could be a good starting point for a new port.


@pablomartinez I have released a docker image 2.0.5-web 4 months ago.


Thanks! cool, I was working in porting the 2.1.0 version, notice that it is still running on electron 1.7.5, I was trying to update the atom/common/asar/ and atom/browser/net/ files for the asar decryption, will fight a bit with it, if i don’t success will use one of your images, thanks so much!


Hello @sercand I am working in a docker image for jenkins using the cocos-creator build inside your 2.0.5-web image. When building the hello-world project I am getting following error, related with WEBGL.

Error: TypeError: Cannot read property 'getParameter' of null
    at Device._initCaps (/opt/cocos-creator/resources/engine/bin/.cache/dev/cocos2d/core/renderer/render-engine.js:5051:46)
    at new Device (/opt/cocos-creator/resources/engine/bin/.cache/dev/cocos2d/core/renderer/render-engine.js:5009:18)
    at Object.initCanvas (/opt/cocos-creator/resources/engine/bin/.cache/dev/cocos2d/core/renderer/index.js:85:31)
    at Object._initRenderer (/opt/cocos-creator/resources/engine/bin/.cache/dev/cocos2d/core/CCGame.js:362:30)
    at Object._initEngine (/opt/cocos-creator/resources/engine/bin/.cache/dev/cocos2d/core/CCGame.js:108:22)
    at Object._prepareFinished (/opt/cocos-creator/resources/engine/bin/.cache/dev/cocos2d/core/CCGame.js:116:22)
    at Object.prepare (/opt/cocos-creator/resources/engine/bin/.cache/dev/cocos2d/core/CCGame.js:155:26)
    at (/opt/cocos-creator/resources/engine/bin/.cache/dev/cocos2d/core/CCGame.js:161:22)
    at /opt/cocos-creator/resources/app.asar/editor/page/build/build-worker.js:1:1623
    at fn (/opt/cocos-creator/resources/app.asar/node_modules/async/lib/async.js:746:34)

My docker image extends from jenkinsci/jnlp-slave, and includes the same libraries you are using in 2.0.5-web. It works perfectly with the 1.9.0-web image. Will appreciate any help :slight_smile:


@pablomartinez I guess at this line of build script there is --disable-gpu flag which should not be there.
If you have the same argument please remove it.


Thanks! I also had the --disable-gpu, tried removing it but I am getting the same error plus a GPU Process Crashed! message logged during the project compile process. Seems that there are more people experiencing the same issue with Jenkins on windows I also have tried installing osmesa and firing chromium with the --disable-gpu --use-gl=osmesa params to launch the GPU process without success :frowning: