Strech game to be full screen in any resolution

Strech game to be full screen in any resolution
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Hi all,
I begin to develop a game using cocos2d-x, in my iPod Touch, it’s looks ok(the game fill the entire screen), but when I use in my motorola milestone, the game sprites become smaller than the iPod and not fill the entire screen, there any way to correct this(make the sprite be the same size and fill the entire screen?


my personal recommendation is to have two versions, one for iOS, using native resolutions (iPhone, iPhone HD, iPad, iPad HD), and then the shitty android with its 1000 resolutions can be resolved having several sizes and scaling them down to the desired resolution.




I understand your recommendation, but this will give much work to do.
I see that the main.cpp inside the jni folder in Android has a function

view~~>setDesignResolutionSize; //Cocos2d-x 2.0.1
view~~>create(480, 320); // Cocos2d-x 0.12.0

I use the version 0.12.0, I uncomment the line and it the sprites work like iOS on my Motorola Milestone, but create a annoying black columns on both sides of the screen

It’s possible to adapt a little more using the lines above?


those black columns provably avoid you to break the different aspect ratio of each screen. If you look in this forum there are many proposals to scale the whole screen. I have a small article about this in my blog.