Strange sprite scaling

Strange sprite scaling
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Hi guys!
I’ve created a sprite from a 1024x768 texture and placed it in the center of the screen.
When I run the app on the ios iPad simulator, I was expecting to see the sprite cover exactly the screen.

But somehow the sprite is much larger than the screen, so only a portion of the texture is actually visible.
If I manually set the sprites scale to about 0.75 it seems to fit the screen more or less nicely.

What’s going on here?
Why is the sprite bigger than the screen although both are 1024x768 in size?



I am too facing same problem in scaling the sprites.

In my case manual setting of scale factor in setScale() function provide no change in sprite.


Which version of Cocos2d-x are you using? Are you using the retina mode?


Hi Jaime Abella

Problem solved :: that was a silly mistake occurring to due to build failure.


On cocos2d-x-2.0.4, the EGLView is set to 960x640.
Try looking at AppDelegate.cpp and look for the if-branches there.