status of upgrading to 0.99.5

status of upgrading to 0.99.5
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Thank you very much for all of your efforts!

I want to know the status of the work of upgrading to 0.99.5. Particularly, is it usable on mac desktop now? If I checkout the source from github, am I able to create mac desktop projects. Any instructions on how to create a project on mac?


It is unusable on mac desktop now. The events dispatcher has not implemented.


0.99.5 for iphone-cpp, android & uphone is ready now.
Andoird port gets the most promotion.


Thank you very much for the info. Are you guys going to merge the 0.99.5 branch back to master. Or it will stay there?

If it is going to be merged back to the master, when will this happen?


It will be merged to master in the next 5 days



I see is released. Is Mac desktop support in this release. Any instructions on creating a Mac project?

Thanks again for you great work!


Sorry, it has not supported Mac desktop in this version.