Status of lua supporting in Cocos2d-x

Status of lua supporting in Cocos2d-x
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Functional wise, is it enough to use it to publish a complete game (assume no physics engine needed)?


IQ Pyramid is written on the top of lua + cocos2dx. The author told me about 90% sources were written in lua.
And NetDragon(HK:0777) is using cocos2dx + lua to develop their social games.


I see.

Seems Cocos2d-X is popular in China area, do you know any game company is also using it (besides Lua)?


I heard about China Mobile is also using it?


It dues to the time zone. Developers in east Asia, e.g. in China, Korean, India, are easier to get fast tech support. Others need to wait several hours on the forum.
ASAIK, these large companies are using cocos2d-x
* KongZhong Cooperation (NASDAQ:KONG)
* Perfect World Ltd (NASDAQ:PWRD)
* China Unicom
* China Mobile


I see. That’s a great list.

But AFAIK, unlike cocos2d-iphone which is backed by Zynga, the project is not currently backed by other company yet? I mean no sponsor yet?



isn’t China Mobile sponsoring it? I mean in a way since some of the core developers work on the WoPhone


We left wophone group since it’s not as successful as expected, and we can easily find new sponsor :slight_smile: is currently sponsoring us.


Thanks, I was just looking for answer for this kind of question.
Since I don’t know much about C++ , and would like to take advantages on Lua scripting support which is easier to learn.

  • I want to ask question about how Lua access Cocos2d library? (I’m absolute newbie)
  • What knowledge requirement are need to write a mobile game with Lua and cocos2d?