Stats displaying issue

Stats displaying issue
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I’ve updated my project to use a latest version of the cocos2d-x from git repository and stats label stops displaying correctly. Is there a workaround?

Снимок экрана 2012-06-13 в 14.04.40.png (8.4 KB)


No one faced this issue?


CCDirector use different way to show status label.
It needs fps_images.png, so you should add the resource in Resources.
More information please refer HelloWorld.


Hello. Thanks for response. I figured out that you’ve changed a format of fps_images.png so it becomes a one line font instead of matrix. And i’ve added fps_images.png, fps_images-hd.png and fps_images-ipadhd.png to my project. So i’ve got a correct rendering in retina mode but in normal resolution 160dpi = 320x480 have the same mess of pixels.